Walking For Rice Project
Walking For Rice Project is to support UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2011-2030 to alleviate the hunger issues, combat climate change, restore and protect our ecosystem.
Walking For Rice Project
The spread of COVID-19 has brought severe disruption on livelihoods, communities, and social interactions worldwide. All people must urgently come and hand together to minimize its impact on livelihood and health on global society; and, to offer any possible actions for further alleviation to lives, health, and economies around the world. The problems of forwarding a better World of caring, love, and sharing have urgently needed to be fixed.

An Earth caring and loving cooperation and event, named 2021 PEACE Global Event: Walking for Rice, is addressed by organization and stakeholders for Health Everyone Everywhere in globe. It will further follow flagship of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030) to promote global cooperation among governments, communities, international organizations, enterprises, and peoples for an Earth caring, environmental protection, ecosystem restoration, and people affiliation.

This diversified purpose-cooperation is at the center of PEACE’s mission as promoting this 2021 Global Event for loving the Earth in raising awareness and take action of caring health, ecological restoration and food safety worldwide.
Soft Launching of
Walking For Rice Project
29. Jan. 2022
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